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SeaPort-e Team Members

Seaport-e Team Members


Scientific Research Corporation (SRC)

An advanced engineering company that was founded in 1988 to provide innovative
solutions to the U.S. Government, private industry, and international markets.
Since its inception, SRC has continued to successfully meet emerging challenges
in the marketplace and consistently deliver the highest quality products and
technical services to its customers. Our vision is to be the premier provider
of technology solutions for national defense and global security. SRC's
business activities are focused on a broad range of information,
communications, intelligence, electronic warfare, simulation, training, and
instrumentation systems. With corporate headquarters in Atlanta, GA and
engineering offices located across the U.S., SRC provides a full range of
engineering, integration, testing, and research and development activities. SRC
laboratories and test facilities reflect state-of-the-art technology and mirror
both commercial and defense operational environments. Our Integrated Systems & Solutions (ISS) Division, based in Charleston, SC, serves a broad set of customers with diverse needs. Intelligence systems compose the largest portion of ISS’s business followed by information technology services and wireless network support services. ISS maintains core competencies in real-time engineering support, software development, network engineering, acquisition support, digital signal processing, production
engineering, configuration management, maintenance and technical support,
training and logistical support services (configuration management, training,
quality assurance), and operational support. These efforts span across
analysis, development, production, installation, and full life cycle support
for a wide range of military and industrial systems.


Spry Methods, Inc.

Provides Enterprise Systems Integration; IT & Software Solutions; ERP Lifecycle Support; Data Migration; Financial Management; and Lean Transformation.




STARGATES provides system engineering and acquisition business support to DoD and DHS programs. STARGATES employees include a combination of engineers, managers,
former military personnel, contracts and financial specialists; with core
competencies in (1) Acquisition and Program Management support (2) Technical
Services, Software and Systems Engineering, and (3) Information technology.
Several employees are prior military personnel and former civil servants with
security clearances at all levels who bring special expertise to processes and
products associated with the complexities and sensitivities of DoD contract
work and security procedures. Engineering Services provided to previous customers are related to process improvement, program management, program support and general engineering of military equipment such as Undersea Warfare (USW) sensors, processors, and related networks. Our contracts and tasking cover several fields including
engineering, logistics, information technology, software development,
telecommunications, command and control, systems engineering, program
management support, financial analysis, and support to implementation of
systems on platforms.



VT MilCom

Provides the warfighter with knowledge superiority by developing, delivering, and
maintaining effective, capable and integrated command, control, communications,
computer, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (C4ISR) systems.



WPL, Inc.

Extensive experience in MILSATCOM Systems Engineering, Security Architecture, Security Engineering, Information Assurance, Operations, Integration and Testing. The following are examples of WPL capabilities: COMSEC/TRANSEC "KeyMat" and Equipment, MILSATCOM Interoperability, System Security Architecture Engineering, Information Assurance (IA), EHF Communications Planning Tools, Wideband/Narrowband Systems Engineering, MILSATCOM Sustainment System Test Environment System Engineering, MILSATCOM Sustainment Test and Integration, SBIRS Program Upgrade and Systems Engineering, Cryptographics and Crypto Modernization, Strategic Communications and Architectures.

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