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Systek is a party to two contractual agreements with the US Army Communications Electronics Research and Development Engineering Center (CERDEC), Space and Terrestrial Communications Directorate (S&TCD) for the Technical, Administrative, and Operations Support Services (TAOSS) program.  Systek, along with a robust team of 19 subcontractors, was awarded contracts under both the restricted and unrestricted suites for this program. In accordance with these agreements, Systek provides a broad range of services for S&TCD in conjunction with all new and existing C4ISR systems-of-systems, family-of-systems, platforms, and systems as well as subsystems and items, encompassing a wide variety of program support for all elements of the Acquisition Life Cycle and subsequent field support.


The TAOSS contracts are intended to further the broad base of S&TCDs research and development investment efforts within the following major thrust areas:

  • Wireless Transport. Efficient terrestrial, airborne, satellite communications modulation, coding techniques and sub-component technology to enable high data rate transport.
  • Antennas. A family of highly-efficient, cost-effective antennas and subordinate products (e.g. to include but not be limited to multi-band/multi-functional antenna systems) to sustain robust, high-data-rate on-the-move communications.
  • Cyber Security/Information Assurance. Information superiority to ensure mission critical information is available, connected and secured in an environment of information warfare attacks and unintentional disruptions.
  • Network Operations. Automated capabilities that integrate the planning, monitoring, and control activities of network management, information assurance, and information dissemination.
  • System-of-Systems Systems Engineering. A blend of systems engineering, architecture and engineering analysis, modeling & simulation and experimentation to provide timely, effective, and integrated architectures.
  • Mobile Networking. Assured mobile networks that work in complex terrains and a variety of geographical areas.


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